Why does my dog turn his back to me?

Why does my dog turn his back to me

Your dog is your best friend and you both spend quality time together. You go for a walk together, you watch a movie together, you both eat together and what not! This is how a perfect relationship between a dog and his/her owner should be! Be it a matter of life and death, you both will stay united!

However, then why your dog turns his back to you? This question might make you a bit worried and sad.

Nonetheless, as dogs or other animals do not communicate with us through language, hence they depict a few actions to show certain behaviors. If your dog is turning his back to you, it is giving you a signal!

So, it is important that you sit back and closely monitor the behavior of your dog. As time will pass, you’ll realize the message behind the signals that your dog is giving you!

Why does my dog turn his back to me?

If you are facing difficulty understanding why your dog is turning his back on you, then let me make it easy for you. Here we begin!

1. His guard mode is on 

Your dog would never want you to get hurt, physically or emotionally. Hence, it strives hard to protect you against all sorts of dangers. If he senses some type of threat, he’ll become extra cautious and would look around to find the cause of the threat. Therefore, it might turn his back to you in order to search for the element of threat and to possibly save you!

Dogs can sense threats from far behind and from the areas where we can’t even imagine. That is why dogs are termed as loyal beings who go to any extent in order to protect you! Sometimes, they are overprotective but they never want their owner to get hurt in any case.

So, when a dog sniffs some risk, he tends to howl and bark. He would look around while turning his back to you in order to ensure that no one is possibly pursuing you!

Your dog is just making sure that you are completely protected. So, therefore he turns his guard mode on and goes on strict surveillance.

2. It’s a sign of trust

It’s very natural that your dog would start trusting you within no time. Hence, in order to show his love and faith in you, he will turn his back to you. So, there is no need to worry in that case. Instead, just pat your furball with on the back, show him some love and affection, and make sure to reward him to multiply his trust in you!

Slowly and gradually, you’ll comprehend your dog’s behavior and then it won’t feel unusual to you.

3. He wants you to scratch his back

Well, dogs are also living beings just like us. They also feel itching sometimes. Just like we feel itching at some places where it’s hard to reach, similarly, dogs also feel itching at some awkward points like their back!

So, he would immediately turn his back to you. Don’t get offended. Just make sure that you provide your dog with the therapy that he needs. Just scratch him a bit and see how he’ll love you and adore you.

Dogs are the best creatures on earth. You’ll have to value them a lot. Just make a habit of understanding their behavior and your life will be easier!

4. Other Reasons

Your dog would also turn his back to you when he would not feel comfortable at some place. When he is uneasy, he wants to make you realize that, therefore, he turns his back to you so that you can get him out of such a situation!

It’s very important that you immediately show a response to their problem so that he can get comfortable once again!

Forcing something on your dog is not right. Listen to the signals, and you’ll be sorted!

Should we encourage this behavior?

Of course, you should encourage this behavior because eat the end of the day, your dog is telling about what he is feeling. So, you can’t ignore his emotions. You need to be a responsible owner and provide your dog with whatever he needs. He’s already throwing signals at you, so don’t just be annoyed rather provide you dog!

How to train them not to do it if you do not like it?

Well, it’s good behavior and you must encourage it. But, in case you don’t like it, just ignore your dog when he turns his back to you. When you constantly ignore your dog while he’s turning his back to you, he will start to acknowledge that you do not like it. Therefore, he will eliminate this behavior soon!

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