Should I leave a light on for my kitten at night?

Should I leave a light on for my kitten at night

If you are a new pet owner, you will be anxious to find about everything related to your fur babies. If you have got yourself a kitten, you will be surfing on the internet to find answers!

Well, it happens to every new pet owner. Small questions seem humongous and make you a little worried!

However, if you have got yourself a kitten from a breeder or a pet shelter, you should know the basics to start with. At the end of the day, your kitten would also be inclined towards getting accustomed to your household. So, you need to put effort and seek answers to common questions!

Today, we are going to have a look at a few important questions about your kittens. Here we go!

Should I leave a light on for my kitten at night?

Well, cats and kittens do not need light support even at night, thanks to their super excellent vision that works flawlessly even at night, unlike human beings. So, you should not leave any light on for your kitten because it would definitely hinder your kitten’s deep and peaceful sleep.

Hence, it’s important that you should not leave any light on because just like us humans, the pineal gland of kittens control melatonin which helps them fall asleep, making them calm.

So, residual light, peeking in from the windows is generally enough for kittens. If you are still not satisfied, you can put dim lights a bit away from your kittens in order to avoid any accident.

Thus, it’s vital to provide a good environment for your kittens so that they can have a peaceful night’s sleep. Taking care of their bed and making the surroundings cozy is your main task to make your kittens feel at home!

Where is the best place for a new kitten to sleep?

A new place seems odd to everyone. Even if you are a mature individual, you’ll feel uncomfortable sleeping at a different place and might not get an ample amount of sleep. The same is the case with kittens. So, you’ll have to put an effort to make them comfortable so that they can sleep.

Also, good sleep at night is significant for the wellbeing of your kitten. If your kitten does not get good sleep, then it will feel lazy and ultimately would fall sick.

So, provide your kitten with a warm, cozy bed. First of all, observe your kitten. Find out which place your kitten is more inclined towards. Make that place a resting space for your kitten.

Make sure that the area is quiet and peaceful. A noisy space is extremely bad for the sleep of your kitten. So, select a part of the house where there is no clatter and uproar.

You can buy furniture for your kitten. Ensure that the furniture is clean and warm so that your kitten can sleep like a baby.

It’s essential to keep on cleaning the bed of your kitten. A dirty bed can make your kitten sick.

How much should a kitten sleep?

Newborn kittens love to sleep a lot. In fact, they would spend most of their time sleeping. They would roughly be sleeping for about 16 hours in a day. Nevertheless, as your kitten will grow, the sleep of your kitten will be decreased. Your kitten would be much more active as it would be growing up!

So, basically, a kitten’s sleep patterns keep on changing just as the kitten is growing. Nonetheless, the average amount of sleep that your kitten gets is about 12 to 16 hours which is quite normal.

Let your kitten sleep peacefully. It eventually helps it to become fresh!

Can you leave a kitten alone overnight?

If your kitten is younger, then don’t leave them alone overnight. They are just like small babies. Hence, you need to make sure that they are not left unattended the whole night. Check them every four hours and see what they are doing. It helps in strengthening their belief in you.

Until they are six months old, you need to be extra careful while looking after them. Keeping a kitten is a 24/7 duty. Hence you have to be willing to do it!

After six months, your kitten would be fairly capable of spending time on its own. Still, ensure that you are not leaving your kitten for a very long period of time. If you are a busy person, then I would recommend you not to keep a kitten!

If you are leaving your house for a while, you can call your friends over to take care of your furry baby. As your kitten is growing, it would ask for your attention. So, make sure never to leave your kitten alone overnight.

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