Top 5 reasons why your dog drools around other dogs

your dog drools around other dogs

If you are a dog owner, you would have noticed that your dog drools around other dogs at least once. Most of the dogs have a similar sort of behavior when they are around other dogs. Due to several of the emotions and feelings, dogs start drooling.

Therefore, you should know about these conditions of your dog because some might be leading towards unusual circumstances. Hence, you must remain informed!

As you take your dog out for a social party, he meets his friends and starts drooling and this might worry you! Nevertheless, you have to stay calm, patient, and composed to tackle such situations. Who knows! It might be pretty normal.

Top 5 reasons why your dog drools around other dogs

So, today we are going to dig deep and discuss the top 5 reasons why your dog drools around other dogs and a few possible solutions to it. Here we go!

1. Fear

Fear is the first and foremost reason for your dog drooling while in the company of other dogs. It happens! It’s pretty normal and you need to comprehend that. Generally speaking, when we, humans come across strangers, we do become anxious. Similarly, dogs depict the same behavior.

So, it’s important that you begin to develop a deep relationship with your dog. Your dog needs to be really enthusiastic and courageous. It can only be done if you put trust in your dog and make him resilient in his approach!

I would recommend you to start excessive socializing with your dog. Take him to places and make sure he feels nice and comfortable. Don’t ever leave your dog alone. It tends to make them scared even more.

Slowly and gradually, he’ll learn to adapt to several other environments without any fear. That day, you’ll observe no drooling!

2. Excitement

When your dog sees another dog, he realizes that there’s someone who is exactly like him. Therefore, this feeling makes him extra thrilled and overjoyed. Hence, it starts drooling without any intentions.

Also, a pretty fun fact is that dogs don’t hide anything. They simply go ahead and make everything evident. So, if they are around a bunch of other dogs, they will get excited and it’s going to show up through their drooling!

Well, if your dog is drooling happily, you need to be thankful. Today, many dogs suffer from anxiety and stress and you don’t even realize that easily. It takes a lot of time and effort actually to evaluate the condition of your dog. Hence, you end up being agitated.

So, if your dog excitingly drools while seeing other dogs, it’s a positive sign!

3. Anxiety

Unfortunately, as dogs drool due to being excited, they also drool due to being anxious and stressed.

It’s a major concern for a dog owner. So, it has to be you who need to find out the causes of your dog’s anxiety and stress. You need to identify and then eliminate all the sources from where your dog is getting all the stress from.

You need to emerge as the best dog owner as well as a good friend! Medications are also available to treat anxiety. So, take your dog to the veterinary and get him checked!

4. Sex Desire

Dogs start drooling because of sexual desire as well. This is the most evident instance of your dog’s drool. Just as they see other dogs, they start drooling in order to portray their sex drive. With drooling, howling, or barking is also observed. It’s pretty natural. Sexual desire and an urge to reproduce is present in all beings.

So, you don’t need to worry about it much.

5. Attracted to Food Smell

Sometimes, when there’s an unusual scent in the environment, your dog will start drooling. Your dog might be hungry or tempted to have his favorite food. Thus, salivation is inevitable.

A dog’s sense of smell is pretty on point and highly accurate. Thus, no matter wherever the smell is coming, your dog will be able to feel it and will start drooling. So, even if there’s no food right there, your dog would salivate, thanks to the extraordinary smell sense of dogs!

So, immediately feed your dog and never leave him starving in order to curb his drooling.

Should you be concerned about your dog drools around other dogs?

You need to be concerned about your dog’s excessive drooling only in a few cases.

For example, if it’s stress, anxiety, or fearfulness, you need to counter it by hook or crook.

First of all, get your dog properly checked by a competent veterinary. Then, the main part is to create an unbreakable bond with your dog to settle everything.

Are there any ways to help your dog stop drooling?

As I mentioned earlier, you need to see a vet for the unusual drooling of your dog. Plus, if you feel your dog is scared around other dogs, you need to get a bit more affectionate and spend quality time with your dog.

Ensure you provide your dog with food at the right time and do not leave him alone for most of the day!

Everything will be okay once your dog gains confidence. His drooling will be controlled, for sure!

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