Can cats eat cake? Are there any health concerns?

Can cats eat cake

Your pets are just like members of your family. Therefore, you would want your cat to join you during meals as well as celebrating his/her birthday. However, can cats eat cake? Are there any health concerns?

You need to think twice while feeding your cat a cake. In fact, eating too much cake is not even good for us, humans. So, how could it be helpful for poor cats? The cake is purely a junk item that does not carry any nutritional value. If you ask any vet, they’ll prohibit you completely from doing so. Well, if you really want to feed your cat a cake, then always do in moderation.

Plus, there are cakes out there that are suitable for your feline. If you really want to feed your cat with a cake, then get a customized cake for your cat that suits it completely!

So, let’s go ahead and find out if eating cake damages the well-being of your cat or not. Here we go!

Can cats eat cake? 

Cake lacks in nutritional value and other vitamins and minerals. Hence, it’s not an appropriate eatable for your cat. It consists of a high amount of calories, sugar, and fat that can literally make your cat obese.

Basically, cats are carnivorous and they love to have their meat. Hence, they do not appreciate excessive sugar content. However, a domesticated cat just becomes accustomed to your household slowly and gradually. So, their body could tolerate eating cake. But, again, moderation is the key!

Also, chocolate cakes are simply a NO-NO for your cats. These cakes comprise chocolate, plenty of sugar, and many other ingredients that can make your feline friend sick.

You might not observe the harmful effects on the present-day. But, you’ll surely see adversity of it in the near future.

As you have got a feline as your pet now, you need to be extra careful, especially when it comes to your cat’s diet. You’ll not want your cat to get ill, or suffers from poor digestion, or simply becomes too lazy to function the whole day. With lethargy, breathing problems arise also!

Plus, your cat could become diabetic as well. So, it’s always safe than sorry. Take care of your feline and try to stay away from such foods as much as possible.

What types of cake can you feed to a cat?

So, here’s the question that every cat owner asks. What types of cake can you feed to a cat?

Well, as mentioned above, there are cakes that could be prepared on order. Now the cake shops are on their toes to create feline-friendly cakes. They eliminate all the harmful ingredients and replace them with healthier ones.

cake for cat
Cake for cats which is made with Chicken, Mashed Potato and Carrot

For example, the icing of the cake would be done with mashed potatoes. They’ll be decorated so that no one would be able to identify the difference between this customized, healthy cake and the cake that is full of injurious ingredients.

Give your cat a carrot cake. A carrot cake is mainly made up of carrot, which is extremely healthy. Therefore, our recommendation would be a carrot cake. Carrots are known to contain Vitamin A which is beneficial for your cat’s eyesight.

However, you need to make sure that the bakeshop has incorporated carrot in abundance and reduced other harmful ingredients.

Cheesecake is also fine for your cat until and unless you are taking care of the portion size. A piece of cake, once in a while, does not inflict any harm. But, just don’t go over the board!

Are there any health concerns?

Yes, definitely. There will be a number of health issues if you don’t supervise the diet of your feline friend. If you keep on feeding your cat with a lot of cake and other junk items, then you’ll have to stay prepared for multiple visits to the veterinary.

In case, your cat is eating cakes in huge quantities, it will suffer from the following health concerns:

  • Obesity
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Unstable blood pressure
  • Sore muscles
  • Mood swings
  • Death, in some severe cases!

So, all these health as mentioned above concerns could make you sad and depressed. You can’t put your cat’s health at stake and make yourself unhappy. Also, in intense events, people also lose their precious feline friends. Therefore, always stay one step ahead and avoid cakes to a great extent!

How often can cats eat cake?

Feeding your cat a cake, once in a blue moon would not be detrimental for your cat. But, if you’ve made a habit of feeding your cat a cake, then it’s downright a grave crime! So, let’s say if it’s your birthday and you are willing to include your cat in the celebration as well, just get a customized cake or give a single piece of it to your cat. That’s it.

This is how you can ensure the well-being of your cat.

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