Ojos Azules Cat- Everything you need to know!

Ojos Azules cat photo

Ojos Azules cat is a beautiful cat with extremely deep, blue eyes for which any cat lover could fall. Ojos Azules might seem like a difficult name to pronounce, but this cat is worth all the hassle. In Spanish, Ojos Azules means “Blue Eyes.” So, now you know why this cat has this name.

History of breed

Getting to the history of this special cat, this breed date backs to 1984 when Cornflower, a female tortoiseshell cat, gave birth to a few kittens in New Mexico (wikipedia). These kittens had the same blue eyes that you can witness in today’s Ojos Azules Cat. Hence, it was determined that such a trait could be reproduced. Therefore, we got to see Ojos Azules!

An interesting fact about this breed is that their eyes’ blue color is not linked with some sort of specific pattern or color. There could be an Ojos Azules with blue eyes but a darker coat.

Also, it’s fairly a new breed. Hence, not much of the data and research about it. Cat lovers die to own an Ojos Azules, no matter whatever the price is. Considering the intense features of the cat, it’s undoubtedly a beautiful pet to own!

Ojos Azules Cat’s Personality and Appearance


It’s a new breed. Plus, the breed is also quite rare. The owners who have an Ojos Azules say that this cat is extremely loveable, affectionate, loyal, smart, and, most of all, really beautiful and gorgeous. It would want to play with you and would keep you busy due to its active nature.

Also, it’s more of a lap cat that will come to you and entertain you all the time. It won’t disturb you. However, it would be best if you gave her the right attention. So, people who are looking for an excellent feline who is also very attractive could vouch for Ojos Azules any time of the day.

It is also said that these cats go along with other felines, having no problems whatsoever. Plus, if you have kids, even then, you would not have to worry about as Ojos Azules is always calm and compassionate to give company to others, be it felines, your kids, you!

This cat demands attention. She can also have a pretty good time alone if you provide her with the right things to play with. In order to keep your Ojos Azules happy and in the best form of health, you can buy her a few toys so that when you are busy, your cat would not feel left out!


In terms of their physical appearance, these cats are medium in size. You can carry them along with you. Their rounded head with a triangular forehead and short hair makes them look extremely cute. The cherry on top is their blue eyes that are literally mesmerizing and you could look at them all day and won’t be bored. That’s a promise!

Ojos Azules is a cat that is also very easy to groom.

White Ojos Azules Cat

White Ojos Azules cat photo

Most of Ojos Azules has a black coat. However, you also can see some White Ojos Azules.

Solid white color is unavailable in Ojos Azules. However, there could be some different color spots on it.

It is one of the most beautiful cats that you will ever find anywhere. The fluffy and soft coat as well as the blue eyes are strikingly stunning to the core!

If you buy Ojos Azules, I believe you’ll end up capturing its photos only all the time and posting them on social media!

Ojos Azules is a very different breed whose texture is not confined to having a particular color. Your Ojos Azules could be all black, yet have those deep and distinguished blue eyes.

Ojos Azules Cat’s Cost

Despite the fact that the cat, Ojos Azules is rare as well as a new breed, you can get it at a very attractive price. Also, as a cat lover, you should not look at the price’s perspective while opting for your favorite furball! However, that being said, an Ojos Azules will cost you around $300 to $600. Plus, the price varies based on the age, gender, and the brightness of the eyes!

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