Short-Haired Australian Shepherd – Everything you need to know!

Short-Haired Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are known for their long hair and silky coat. You can identify them right from a long distance because of the long hair. However, sometimes you will also see Short-Haired Australian Shepherd. With long hair or short hair, Australian Shepherds are known for their phenomenal energy that makes them adorable and a go-to option for dog lovers!

Australian Shepherd’s Characteristics and Personality

Australian Shepherds are sharp, intelligent, and always very curious. They are absolutely a perfect addition to any household. The fluffiness of the Australian Shepherd is one of the main highlights amongst all the characteristics of it.

These dogs are extremely intellectual and inquisitive. With them, you’ll surely have no time to waste as they will keep you busy always. One thing that is popular about Australian Shepherds is that they do not get tired. They are always up for more! So, such enthusiastic dogs require a similar enthusiastic owner.

Therefore, before buying it, you need to determine facts related to your nature!

Talking about the coat of Australian Shepherds, you would find a few Australian Shepherds with short hair and not so fluffy coat that generally an Australian Shepherd possesses. Australian Shepherd owners always seem to worry about their dogs not being fluffy and furry.

Nevertheless, it is not something to worry about!

In a single breed, dogs vary from one another. Therefore, if you talk about Australian Shepherds, they are also different from their brothers sometimes, and it’s actually quite normal!

So, let’s go ahead and unravel the secrets behind a short-haired Australian Shepherd.

Why is there a short-haired Australian shepherd? 

It is said that the Australian Shepherd is a very different breed. This breed finds its roots in a very long line of European herding dogs, including Border Collies and Collies. So, whenever there’s a breed that originates from similar yet different dogs, you should be ready to witness a number of changes between them in terms of appearance. Such are these Australian Shepherds.

Apart from short-hair, Australian Shepherds are also different from others in features like eyes. Some would have blue eyes, while some would have brown eyes. A few Australian Shepherds’ bodies are fully spotted. However, others might possess more solid colors!

Also, they vary in terms of weight too. Some are 70lbs, whereas some might not even cross 35 lbs. So, the differences are there, and you don’t need to worry!

The differences are not only confined to the length of the coat. There are other differences too that I just mentioned above.

Therefore, it’s completely okay, and Australian Shepherds’ owners need to comprehend this fact!

The owners start to think that if their Australian Shepherd has a short coat, then it might not be a pure breed as Australian Shepherds’ signature is long hair. Nonetheless, there has been enough evidence that Australian Shepherds could be found with or without long hair. It doesn’t mean that your dog is not a member of a pure breed.

Well, most people who opt for an Australian Shepherd love to play with the long, fluffy, and furry coat of it. Hence, they always prefer their Australian Shepherd to be like that! But, as mentioned above, it’s a breed that is a bit complex. Also, genetics are always complicated. So, short-hair shouldn’t bother you much!

In fact, you need to be thankful for owning such a beauty of a dog! Australian Shepherds are perfect for all dog lovers. They are enthusiastic, charming, and highly loyal to their owner. Short hair or long hair should not be your priority.

Instead, you should look into more evident traits of Australian Shepherds!

Should you be concerned if your Australian Shepherd has short hair?

Time and again, it has been mentioned that having short hair does not make your Australian Shepherd any less from others. The breed does include dogs with short hair.

Also, there would be several differentiations in an Australian Shepherd as compared to its other counterparts. Hence, it does not mean that your dog has a problem or you need to be concerned about it! It’s a breed and that’s how it works. There is nothing to worry about. Having short hair would not change the intellectual level of your dog. Your Australian Shepherd would remain the same!

It might make you worry, seeing other Australian Shepherds with a fluffy coat. However, it should not be a cause of concern and you should not sweat it out! Give an ample amount of time to your Australian Shepherd whom you have bought with a lot of love.

Don’t just crib about short hair. Short hair looks attractive and pleasing as well! Groom your pet with love and make sure to feed your dog correctly as well. There is definitely nothing to be anxious about.

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