How much does a protection dog training cost?

protection dog training cost

A trained protection dog is trained to guard and defend your family and property. Not all protection dogs are trained to attack, but they are trained to alarm intruders on your property.  The question here is how much does a protection dog training cost?

Most people refer to call trained protection dogs as executive protection dogs. The name they call them are marketing strategies; as long as they are trained correctly, they are all the same. Lots of things are involved in training a dog, especially training a puppy to become a fully trained dog.

It takes time, patience, and it’s costly to train a dog to become a protection dog is quite a task, but the outcome is always cool when your dog behaves well both in a threatening situation and not.

What is training for protection dogs?

Not all dog breeds fit for training as a protection dog, but all dog breeds are trainable to be obedient. Training a protection dog for watchdog is merely adding a protection training program to obedience training.

An ideal protection training for protection dogs starts with a basic obedience program and intermediate obedience program. These programs last for four months on average.

There is a list of questions to consider before training your dog to become a protection dog. You need to know if your dog is among the watchdog breed and a protection dog’s traits.

Protection dog training cost

The cost of training a protection dog depends on the level you require and what you desire to achieve in training your dog to become a protection dog or investing in a protection dog that is already undergoing training.

It is quite expensive to train your dog to become a well-trained protection dog. It takes about 20 to 24 months, and it will cost, on average, $20,000 to $24,000. If you are in urgent need of a protection dog and can’t wait for two years to train your dog, you can buy a well-trained protection dog ranging from $25,000 to $36,000. You can also get a roadside trainer for $700 for six weeks plus $60 for house training.

What do you desire to achieve with a protection dog? Is it the protection of property, family, or as a bodyguard? Because the protection training for your dog will cover close protection, sentinel, perimeter security, and multiple charge protection. Your protection dog will be trained as a full guard, bite and release, alarm, situational threat analysis.

3 training facilities in the US

To train your dog to become a trained protection dog for close protection cost roughly $15,000, for alarm only cost $11,000, for multiple charges such as family protection cost $18,000. For an already trained protection dog that performs all the duties of protection dogs such as full guard, alarm, situational threat analysis, and bite & release, it cost $76,000. 

It’s vital to make sure the trainer of your protection dog is an expert in the area of working patrol program for dogs. That your trainer should make sure your protection dog is 99% controllable and can still change to a full protection dog when required. It is paramount to know that every directive by the trainer for maintenance is not to be joked with, to prevent an unwanted situation, or you can hire someone to handle the welfare of your well-trained protection dog. 

Top 3 protection dog training facilities in the US 


  • Website:
  • Training location: Madison, Tallahassee and Gainesville in FloridaValdosta, Georgia
  • Cost: $$$-$$$$

TopTierK9 offers a pet training program; they train pets for both basic obedience and advanced obedience such as protection. They offer programs like pets plus programs, pet training programs, dog trainer’s academy. The dog trainer’s academy is a program for dog handlers. TopTierK9 is a US protection dog trainer with certified graduates of trainers around the world. They also provide DVD training programs if you want to train your dog by yourself.

Highland Canine Training LLC

Highland Canine Training LLC offers well-trained protection dogs that suit your protection dog’s requirement. Their trained protection dog is controllable and obedient. They have programs that enable their sold trained protection dog adapts to their new home. 

Custom Canine Unlimited

Custom Canine Unlimited is a global dog training company possessed and managed since 2003 by law enforcement. They offer a reliable and effective program for protection dog training and also sell already trained protection dog. Their training for protection dogs is mainly for law enforcement like the military, US veterans, security, and anyone that needs dog protection.

Final thoughts

Protection dog training is quite expensive, mostly if you buy an already trained protection dog, but the services protection dog provides worth. It is pertinent to make sure your trainer does not give you a sport dog for a protection dog.

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