Why does my dog nibble my ear? Top 4 reasons

Why does my dog nibble my ear

You may be wondering why your dog nibbles your ear. In most cases, it may be frustrating, odd, annoying, and sometimes fun. Nibbling your ear by your dog may look abnormal to you, but there are several reasons for your dog. There are multiple reasons why your dog does so; it may be a means of communicating to you, been playful, as an act of displaying affection, among others. 

We will be looking at the five common reasons why your dog nibbles your ear, why you should encourage the behavior if you like it, and how to stop your dog from nibbling your ear if you don’t like it.  

Top 4 reasons why your dog nibble your ears

Most dog owners enjoy their dog nibbling their ears because of the affection their dog display through that behavior; others don’t. Your dog doesn’t just want to taste your ear; they are several reasons why your dog nibbles your ears, and you must understand why you do go so. Such are;

1. Playfulness

Must puppy see your ear as a playing tool and loves nibbling your ear whenever they want to play. It is more common for your puppies to nibble your ear than your adult dogs. You have to be more cautious if your adult dog nibbles your ear to prevent your dog from harming your ear.

2. Trying to get your attention

In most cases, when you are needed, your dog may nibble your ear to get your attention and signal you that you are required. For instance, if your dog needs to use the toilet, wants to go out for a walk, or is hungry, nibbling your ear might be the best way to communicate her needs to you.

3. As an act of showing you affection

After returning from a long day at work, your dog might nibble your ear, trying to tell you how much she has missed your presence, how much she loves you, and how she appreciates all that you have been doing for her. Therefore, your dog does not wish to harm; she may be nibbling your ear as a display of love and gratitude. It’s also a sign that your dog is much comfortable in your presence.

4. When they detect an unfamiliar scent

Did you change your cream, or your perfume, because your dog will quickly notice it? Taste and smell are the dog’s most investigative tools. They can detect an unfamiliar scent with their nose. Your dog may be nibbling your ear, trying to detect and explore the strange smell.

Why should you discourage this behavior?

It is preferable to discourage your dog from nibbling your dog, even if, in most cases, nibbling your ear by your dog is harmless. If such behavior is not cautioned, a dog with lousy impulse training; that doesn’t understand that playful nibble might lead them to hurt their owners. Your dog that means no harm may unknowingly hurt you. If you do not discourage your dog from nibbling your ear, she may try it with the kids or elderly at home whose skin is more fragile than yours.  

If your dog is trying to dominate you or bullying you to move by displaying some signs of aggression when nibbling your ear, you have to discourage such behavior.

How do you stop your dog from nibbling your ears?

Like we have said early, nibbling of your ear by your dog may be harmless, but a dog with bad impulse may not know when to stop and to what extent to nibble your ear to prevent her from hurting you. Especially For the safety of the kids at home, you should caution such behavior. How to discourage your dog from nibbling your ear;

1. Stand firm and tell your dog

Stand firm and tell your dog that you are not like her nibbling your ear. They are likely to stop nibbling your ear if you regularly and consistently do so using words like nostop, or ouch. Nibbling your ears helps your puppies to comfort the pain of teething. Therefore, you can offer your puppies chew toys and stop them if they attempt to use your ear as a chew toy.

2. Try redirecting their focus

When your dog starts nibbling your ear, try and shift her attention or focus by offering her toys or bones. Not when your dog is nibbling your ear, you show her bones or so; if not, you will be encouraging her to continue as she may see it as her been rewarded for such actions.

3. Positive reinforcement training

Using positive reinforcement training, you will train your dog to know that you don’t want her nibbling your ear because she won’t be rewarded for nibbling your ear. 

Final thoughts

As they are different dogs, so they are various reasons why your dog nibbles your ear. Suppose you find such behavior as fun and loving, good. If you find it disturbing and alarming, then you can try the tips discussed.

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