Ragdoll Munchkin Cat – Everything You Need to Know

Ragdoll Munchkin Cat

A breeder developed ragdoll munchkin cat breed in California known as Ann Baker. Her search for cats with good temperament and looks for her program led her to develop a ragdoll munchkin cat.

Ragdoll Munchkin cat is among the few cat breeds that will warmly receive you home, walk with you from one corner of the house to another, and lay on you once you are seated. The perfect match for people-oriented and a gentle cat is the ragdoll munchkin cat. It is generally known that this cat breed is a result of a Persian and a Burmese cross-breeding, but it is not yet confirmed. They are mostly known as a friendly, affectionate, and calm breed.

If you are looking for an affectionate and friendly pet for your House member and guest, then a ragdoll munchkin cat is the most preferred pet for you. Ragdoll munchkin cats are large, long-haired, laid-back cats and can easily be trained. It is not much of a jumping cat but a floor cat. Their long-hair requires regular grooming to remove entangled hair and to maintain its beauty. 

Characteristics of ragdoll munchkin cat

Physical appearance

The most noticeable characteristics of ragdoll munchkin cats are their striking and beautiful appearance. They have a set of beautiful blue and large eyes. A male ragdoll munchkin cat weighs about 30 pounds while a female weighs within 15 to 20 pounds. They are roughly four years before they are fully matured. They are known as cuddlers because of their soft and hairy coat.

Ability to adapt with other pets

 Another noticeable characteristic of a ragdoll munchkin cat is their ability to adapt with other pets, be it another breed of cat, a dog, gerbil, or even another ragdoll munchkin cat.

Their beautiful coat:

When a ragdoll cat is born, their coat won’t display its actual color. When they clock nine days and above, their initial color will begin to manifest just like the Siamese cats. Their coat is easier to maintain as it is a medium long-hair. Just as other cats with long hair, ragdoll munchkin cats are perfect groomers, but notwithstanding, their coats require regular brushing.

A ragdoll munchkin cat coat has about seven colors: pink undertones mixed with light grey (lilac), reddish-brown, close to apricot (cream), soft blue-gray, dark brown, deep orange, and patches and stripes of cream.

Their size

This cat is bigger than some breeds of dog. Their size made them attractive and noticeable. A male is averagely bigger than a female ragdoll munchkin with an average weight of about 12 lb. to 22 lb. 

Their life anticipation:

Depending on their health condition, diet, environment, and genetics, a he/she is anticipated to live within the age of 15 to 20 years. They have good life anticipation. 

Health matters

A genic heart called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is familiar with ragdoll munchkin cats. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a familiar heart disease with almost all cat breeds located at the heart’s left chamber; it makes the heart not to pump well.

Ragdoll munchkin cats are affectionate

other noticeable characteristics of ragdoll munchkin cats are very social pets and loving. They love it when their owners cuddle them. They also love the companionship of other pets.

Ragdoll munchkin cat personality

This breed is not aggressive. They are not likely to attack back when threatened or beaten. Unlike other breeds of cats that hide from strangers or guests, this cat will instead join you to welcome your visitors and prefer to follow you from one corner of the house to another. They love toys; they are playful and love to be cuddled because they love having your attention.

Ragdoll munchkin cats are indoor cats; their sweet nature and gentleness cannot defend themselves from other animals. Your kids are safe around them, but if you are worried about scratches, then you can cover their claws.

Ragdoll munchkin cat price

Getting a cat is more accessible and less expensive compared to other pets. For a purebred cat, the cost is relatively high. A ragdoll munchkin cat requires low maintenance.

A ragdoll munchkin cat’s price depends on some factors such as; bloodline, types, the location of the breeder, and the style. Before you buy your cat, inquire more about the breeder to be sure the cat’s high price is worth and if the breeder is a reputable one. To prevent you from buying a cat with possible health problems, knowing that a higher price is not equivalent to a healthier cat. Therefore, don’t be scared of asking the breeder as many questions as necessary.

The price ranges from $1000 CDN to $2000 CDN, with tax included. 

Final thoughts

A ragdoll munchkin cat is considered one of the best cat for an indoor home pet, as they are harmless, playful, docile, and loving.

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