Top 5 Best Guard Dogs For First Time Owner

guard dogs for first time owner

Having a guard dog to secure your home would be a wise decision with the high crime rate even if it’s your first time to own one. Having a Guard dog that is willing to die for you and your family’s safety is indeed a good option for protection. However, finding the best guard dogs for first time owner is not an easy task.

Guard dogs are naturally intimidating with strong instincts and imposing. The trait that made them guard dogs can also make them dominating and un-secure to be around if they are not well trained.  

A good guard dog should be courageous, loyal, have a strong bond with their owner and the family they are protecting.

5 best guard dogs for first time owner

We will be looking at the top five guard dogs, mostly for first-time owners.  

1. Border collie

Border collie dog

One of the best guard dogs for first time owner is Border collie because they are energetic, very observant, goal-oriented, obedient, loyal, alert, and highly intelligent. They are always happy whenever they accomplish a task and are always keen on looking for invaders. You can consider them as a member of your family, so they bond well with other family member making it easy for them to protect you and your family.

Border collie is trainable and learn very fast. They also need consistent training to be loyal and not aggressive with their owner or family members.

Due to their conservative nature, they create an alarm if they notice an intruder and are likely to attack the intruders if they don’t leave.

Get one well-trained Border collie, and you will be impressed.

2. Rottweiler


Rottweiler is a very active guard dog, devoted, loyal, and always alert. They are always happy and proud when they correctly execute their owner’s command.

Rottweilers are the full package of what you want from a protection dog. They are patient, very intelligent, and vigorous. They react viciously and fiercely in the face of danger and threats to alert and protect their owners and family. Rottweilers can be friendly and playful when they are off duty. Most armed forces make use of Rottweiler as an alert dog.

Rottweiler can easily be trained as are a fast learner. If they are not well trained, they could be aggressive and unsafe to leave with little kids, your neighbors, your visitors, and even yourself, but if they are well trained, they could be the best option to protect you and your family member and yet be friendly to you and your family member. 

3. German Shepherds

German Shepherds

German shepherd originated from Germany as a ruck sheep. They are smart, brave, bold, and significant in size, loving, confident, loyal, friendly, and highly active breed of dog.

However, German shepherd need to be appropriately trained as protection dogs, so they don’t bite anyhow and become fiercely. They are cognized for their intelligence, friendly, and fearless personality and are ideal for guard dogs, mostly for first-timers.

German shepherds are trainable as they learn commands very fast, and they respond very fast if their owners are threatened or their home is being invaded. Their energy and size make it possible for them to pull down invaders if commanded too. They are not aggressive to visitors as long as you are with them, but they must be trained not to be aggressive to guests.

4. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland is mostly known as a water rescue dog as they assist fishers and are recognizable due to their size.

This dog breed is about 27 inches tall on average and weighs 168 lbs on average (Wikipedia). They are big in size, calm, teachable, and energetic. They are good with kids and their owners because of their good temperament.

Newfoundland is also perfect as a guard dog due to its strength, size, alertness, and loyalty. Their ability to be friendly and still protective makes them a good fit as a guard dog for first-time owners.

If they are not adequately trained as guard dogs, they could become a full pet dog due to their playful and friendly nature. They are better trained in a patient and gentle manner than in a harsh way.

5. Chowchow 

Chowchow  dog

Chowchow is not sociable and very aggressive with strangers or intruders; they go all-out to protect their owners and their family. They are husky, well-built, strong and also suitable for hunting.

Chowchow is not a good option for a social pet. They love been independent and are very stubborn. They require extensive and intensive training so they don’t become a threat to the owners.

Final thoughts

Having a guard dog is an additional responsibility because these dogs are aggressive and assertive. If not well-trained, they can be a threat to you, the owners, your family members, neighbors, and even visitors.

If you don’t have time for such responsibility, you can get a trainer to take care of the guard dog, or instead go for a watchdog that only creates alarm in case of intruders or strangers.

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