Top 5 best dogs for college students

English Bulldog- Best dog for student

Are you searching for the best dogs for college students? Do you want to adopt a new dog for your company at college? When you cannot choose the perfect dog for you, this article will help you to find the right one according to your own choice.

Criteria that student needs to look for when choosing dog breeds:

When you choose a dog, keep in mind that it should suit your student lifestyle for a perfect match. It includes several factors. Some of them are:

●     Age: You may be confused about choosing between a puppy and an older dog. If you choose a puppy, you must be prepared to spend much time training them. It may better to select an elderly dog as it does not require much training.

●     Size: Another important thing is the size. If you have a small space, it may better to go for a smaller breed.

●     Grooming and Shredding: The dog that sheds more fur consumes more time and also costly. So, college students should choose the breeds that shed less.

●     Assess the tolerance to noise: Guard dogs prefer to bark louder and more frequently than other races. As a college student, you should choose the mellower breed.

List of 5 best dogs for college students:

At the beginning of your college life, you will meet students from totally different backgrounds and societies. Sometimes, it may not be too easy to adapt to them.

If a student has a faithful dog with them, he may not feel lonely. A dog never is a burden for a student. It means absolute affection and a true friend who will always enjoy your presence. 

There are many dog breeds, but among them, the five best dogs for college students are:

1. Poodle:

Poodle - best dog for student

Most dog owners agreed that Poodle is the best breed that any new dog owner should experience first. It is an affectionate, caring, and smart breed. They enjoy making new friends. They’re always up for an adventure, and, considering their “fancy” appearance, they’re incredibly athletic. Most significantly, they can have a “hypoallergenic” coat that certainly won’t cause allergies like other puppies. 

Poodles enjoy the physical activity, but they can also stay at the apartment without bothering you with barking and without spoiling anything near it. They want intellectual training and pursue the owner joyfully for adventures. This is one of the important reasons for choosing it for college students.

Characteristics that are suitable for college students:

  • Energetic to move anytime
  • Adventure lover
  • Have stamina for weekend trips

Notice: Poodles are available in various sizes; not necessarily all poodles are small in size. So, all college students need to be careful while selecting a poodle. 

2. Pug:

Pug - Best dog for student

Pugs are special little dogs that have a unique appearance. If you’re searching for a small breed with limitless charm, this is a perfect pick. Only note that at night you would have to snorkel a lot.

They are caring animals who will give you years of fellowship. These dogs enjoy playing and need a lot of physical activities. But in the apartments, they are also acceptable. 

Characteristics that are suitable for college students:

  • Sleep lots 
  • Don’t bark much
  • It doesn’t need workouts 
  • Enjoy cuddling 

If you share a room with others or stay in an apartment, this little breed is a perfect choice. Moreover, their maintenance is low. What good news for a college student!

3. English Bulldog

English Bulldog- Best dog for student

Because of their ability to stay alone, the English bulldog is an excellent choice for college students. When they need to go to classes, they can cope alone. This gentle breed is affectionate and caring so that it can be a student’s best friend.

Why is the English bulldog the best for college students:

  • A great watchdogs
  • Constantly seek affection
  • Do not need a workout
  • Great for living in an apartment

This moderate shedders dog’s short coats do not require more grooming. But its face’s wrinkles need to wipe regularly to prevent skin infection.

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog

When small breeds are the best choice for a college student, Shih Tzu is undoubtedly a desirable one. They have very modest energy levels, so every day’s walks will typically meet their training needs. 

The coolest thing that makes it perfect for a college student is its reasonable period of alone time. This small dog can cope up with your schedule and look after the home.

Why is Shih Tzu the best for college students:

  • Small breed
  • Good energy level.
  • Adjustable to alone time

5. Golden Retriever


When you can go for a large dog, consider a golden retriever. This breed is famous for its affectionate nature and loyalty. Golden retriever is also in the top 5 best dogs for scared child.

Why is golden retriever the best for college students:

  • High energy level
  • Playful and entertaining
  • Quite intelligent

The golden retrievers have anxiety over a separation. So, if you have roommates, it’s a good choice.

Final Thought

It’s a good idea to have a dog as a student. The bond between a dog and its owner is a special one. From the list mentioned above, you can choose a breed and begin your adventure with it. So, no need to hesitate to have a dog to make your college life more excited.

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