Top 5 Best Dogs For a Scared Child

Best dog for scared child

Dogs have always been regarded as man’s best friend, but finding the most desirable breed of dogs for your shy or scared child may be difficult. Fortunately, there are numerous breeds of dogs suitable for your nervous and scared child. But there are some factors to take into consideration before choosing a dog for your child, such as your kid’s temperament and so. 

We will be looking at the top 5 best dogs for a shy and scared child to enable you to choose the best dog breeds for your shy or scared child, therefore allowing your child to enjoy the beautiful and heartwarming friendship between dogs and kids.

Top 5 best dogs for a scared child

1. Beagle 

Beagle dog

Beagles breed of dogs have an innocent look, and they are lovely and beautiful dogs that bond with kids in a unique way because they are playful, love the companion of humans, especially kids, and are considered easy to train. They are mostly known for their efficiency and love for game hunting. Because they don’t drool much, most people consider them as the best breed of dogs. People love keeping inside and leaving with their kids, knowing that allergic problems will be minimal.

Things to know about beagle breed of dogs;

  1. Healthy breed of dogs with a 12 to 15 years life span (Wikipedia).
  2. They love playing mostly outside the house.
  3. They are part of the hound dogs.

2. Collie 

Collie dog

Ever since, collies breed of dogs has been generally known as a pet dog, suitable for a scared child because of their loyalty, sensitive to their owner’s need, lovely looks, and protective attribute. Most people would consider them their first pick for their child’s pet because they are fond of kids and therapy dogs.

Things to know about collie breed of dogs;

  1. They love exercise activities because they are sport dogs. Therefore once in a while, you have to engage them with physical activities. 
  2. They are sensitive to their owners’ needs. They are not aggressive but will create awareness once they sense danger.

3. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland is cute giant dogs that are friendly, loyal, and easy to train. They are sometimes called friendly giants because of the massive size. They are close to kids, their beautiful nature and their innocent look could make them your child’s best pal. Worriless about their giant size, your kids are safe with Newfoundland dogs. You may want to take them to swim because they also love swimming. 

Things to know about Newfoundland;

  1. A small house won’t be suitable for them, due to their immense size.
  2. For Newfoundlands dog breed to stay healthy, you must be engaged in physical activities.
  3. They are patient and calm because they are initially used for difficult jobs such as hauling woods.
  4. They love to swim and play with the kids in the water.

4. Golden Retriever 


A golden retriever is a Scottish breed. They are intelligent, friendly, cute, calm in nature, easy to train, and devoted breed of dogs. They are always playful, making them a playmate for your child. Golden retriever are most times helpful in a search and rescue situation. They love fieldwork and hunting. 

Things to know about Golden retriever;

  1. A golden retriever is a sports dog. They perform well in sport due to their intelligence.
  2. For them to stay healthy, you will have to engage them in daily physical exercise.
  3. They rarely have issues with other pets.

5. Bull terrier

Bull terrier

Bull terrier is mostly recognized by its head because of its egg-shape and nostrils. They are known for their alertness to security. To prevent them from making rules for themselves, you will have to teach them the house rules consistently. They may not welcome other pets in the house, most other dogs’ breeds, only if they are trained from their puppyhood to live with other pets.

Things to know about bull terrier;

  1. For Bull terrier not to be destructive, they need a quality time of attention from the owners.
  2. Bull terrier love companions, which makes them suitable for your child.
  3. They enjoy engaging themselves in energetic activities or games.
  4. They could be a playmate to your child as they love to play.

Final thoughts

A scared and shy kid needs to be appropriately guided on the process of knowing a dog pet. To help your kid associate with a dog, you will need a dog with a playful and cheerful spirit. 

One of the most beautiful and purest friendships witnessed is between a child and his/her dog pal. Kids who grew up with a dog as a playmate develop good sign language skills, sympathy, and compassion. Helping a scared kid gets a dog as a pet will help them overcome their fear.

Put in mind that it may take time for your kid to get familiar with a dog, therefore to prevent any lifetime scar, don’t rush them at any point. To get the best result, take it a step at a time.

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