French Bulldog Yorkie mix – Everything You Need to Know

french bulldog yorkie mix

Do you have a plan for a new mixed-breed pet dog? Why don’t you go for the French Bulldog Yorkie Mix? 

There may be some questions in your mind. How would be this hybrid breed? How does it act? Is it like a French Bulldog or a Yorkie? You will get all the answers in this article.

What is the French Bulldog Yorkie Mix?

The French bulldog Yorkie hybrid is a blend of the two smaller breeds of French Bulldog and Yorkie. To know about all hybrid dogs are not easy as they don’t have much history. In the last twenty years, breeding such kinds of unique dogs has become popular, resulting from accidental breeding. It is better to know the history of both the parents breed to know the French Bulldog Yorkie mix dog.

French Bulldog history

French Bulldogs were the crossbreeding product between Bulldogs and Small Terriers though they were actually bred as miniature Bulldogs. As this dog breed was getting more and more popular in the UK around Industrial Revolution, French traders started importing them to France.

The Yorkie history

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in England and was otherwise known as the Yorkie Terrier. The breed has been developed and used to capture the mouse in and around mines. Yorkies are now a typical race whose primary goal is to be a companion of its owners.

What is the appearance?

A mixed-breed dog inherits both the parent’s appearance. By knowing the appearance of both French Bulldog and Yorkie, we can realize the appearance of the French Bulldog Yorkie mix.

The following table shows some appearance traits of both the parent breed.

TraitsFrench BulldogYorkie
HeightShoulder 16 inchesShoulder 8- 9 inches
Weight40-55 lb4-6 lb
Lifespan8-10 years12-15 years

 As both parents’ breeds of the French Bulldog Yorkie mix is small in size, it is also a small size breed. But what makes this mixed breed more delighted is the pretty much confluence it got from its parent’s breed.

A healthy male of French Bulldog Yorkie Mix should weigh preferably between 4 and 7lbs. Usually, these petite dogs aren’t at the shoulder above 9 inches. This breed usually inherits Frenchie’s round head and long coat, which combines both parent’s breed. Frenchie Yorkie’s colors tend to lean more towards Yorkie’s tan. Depending on their parents, some of them are intense black or white.

The French Bulldog usually has a ‘corkscrew’ type of tail. But the French Bulldog Yorkie mix’s tail is usually a long straight one.

French Bulldog Yorkie Mix Personality

 When the personality traits are taken into consideration, the French Bulldog Yorkie Mix is a terrific combination of its parent’s breed- the French Bulldog and the Yorkie.

 As both of the parents breed are affectionate by nature, this French Bulldog Yorkie mix also combines this loving nature. For that nature, this dog likes to spend time with its owner. It always loves to move around people and play with them.

Though it may think that the French Bulldog Yorkie mix is an annoyingly little dog, it is, in reality, a sweet and enjoyable companion dog. It loves you to be at home, and whenever you return from outside, it will always be glad and energetic. It wants affection and time from you.

This mixed breed dog is very fond of mix with new people and other pet dogs. This is a prerequisite for you to ensure socialization when it is young.

This dog always tries to please you and will not be excessively stubborn. If you offer incentives, they will be eager to learn new techniques.

It would help if you kept in mind that this mixed breed like positive reinforcement. So, you should keep yourself away from punishing or rebuking it. It is superb when it gets treats and prizes, along with good behavior.

The French Bulldog Yorkie mix bred is as intelligent as its parent breed Yorkie and as stubborn as its other parent breed, the French Bulldog.

Health Concern

As it is told earlier that the hybrid breed inherits both the parent’s traits, it is also applicable to health issues also.

The French Bulldog Yorkie Mix may suffer from the common health issues of both parent breeds. They may suffer from patellar luxation, eye problems, hereditary deafness, urolithiasis, brachycephalic syndrome, reverse sneezing, head shakes, skin problems, hip dysplasia, tail problems. These are the common health problems from which both the parents breed usually suffer.

All dogs can undergo genetic health problems. But, it is possible to avoid the possibility. When you will buy a puppy, ask the breeder to sell it with a health guarantee. Health clarifications indicate that a dog has been screened for and cleared of a medical disease.

Caring for this breed:

Fortunately, this mixed breed does not shed much, and you need not be worried about its scattered hair over the home. It has skin that dry easily, ensure their regular bath.

The French Bulldog Yorkie Mixed Price:

The breeders are working on the development of a purebred dog breed and trying to promote the best characteristics of both breeds. That is why the hybrid breed is getting popular day by day. The price of the French Bulldog Yorkie Mix may differ from $900 to $3500.

A Frenchie Yorkie is an energetic breed, and its small size ensures that just a small apartment is often a large enough room to run about and exercise. They’re people-pleasers, so they’ll be easy to train. It’s a great way to take your pet out for a weekly walk for exercise.

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