Do Cats Get Cold In Winter? What Do You Need to Know?

Do Cats get cold In Winter

Without any doubt, cats do feel the chills of cool weather. Cats get cold as the temperature goes down just like us human beings.

Therefore, it’s important for the cat owners to stay prepared ahead of the winter season indoors or outdoors. Both outdoors and indoors are cold during the winter season. Nonetheless, you must bring your cat inside your premises where there might be a heating system installed.

Cats usually love to stay outdoors. However, cats get cold if they stay outside when the temperature drops down to 0°C. In such a situation, it’s significant to take extra care of your furball.

First of all, bring your cat inside, then prepare a warm environment, and towards the end, provide your cat with a cozy bed because cats get cold and it’s a reality!

Do cats get cold in winter?

As mentioned above, cats do get cold in winter. It’s quite normal. Also, cats prefer to stay outdoors, connect with other felines, and spend most of their time outside the house. Nonetheless, just as the winter season hits, you need to bring your cat indoors.

Cats usually get frostbite or suffer from hypothermia if not cared for in the right manner during the winter season. Older and feeble cats are prone to cold weather and they get sick if not provided with a suitable and warm environment.

Old cats suffer from arthritis, their bones become weak, and you’ll have to take them to veterinary now and then. Hence, it’s crucial to anticipate cold weather and stay one step ahead in order to tackle the chills of cold weather!

Cold weather can be really dangerous, especially for cats!

How to know if your cat is cold?

Just like human beings, cats would also not feel nice when they are cold. They would be weak and shaky. Hence, you will immediately comprehend that your cat is cold. It usually happens when a cat has left outdoors accidentally on a chilly night.

So, on the following day, most probably, your cat will be dealing with hypothermia. It happens when the average temperature of the body falls below the usual. In such a state, your cat will show some evident signs. Therefore, it’s important that you note those signs carefully.

Your cat will be weak and her mobility will be eliminated entirely. Your cat will sit in one corner while not moving even an inch! Also, observe your cat for possible shivering. When a cat feels cold, it shivers and you can literally sense it.

Therefore, it’s important to rush your cat to a veterinary immediately. While suffering from cold, cats become unresponsive and cranky. Their breathing and heart rate also slows down.

Plus, cats would look for narrow corners to fit into. They will seek warmth and would refuse to go outside. Your cat would lie down on a carpet or a rug and would not step on tiles as they are pretty cold in winters. If it is winter, you are feeling cold, then your cat would also feel the same! It’s natural.

Thus, these are the main indicators that tell you about your cat suffering from a cold.

What can you do to help your cat feel warm?

First, you need to understand that your cat is also a living being just like you. The effects of weather are equally applicable to all animals just like on us humans. It’s just that animals can’t speak. But, they do reflect uneasiness through their acts! So, as a cat owner, we must comprehend the signs.

You need to keep your cat inside the house. No matter how much your cat loves to spend her time outside, you need to keep her inside and provide her everything that keeps her busy.

Set up a nice, cuddly, and cozy bed. Also, put a warm blanket on your cat. It feels really nice to be covered with a soft and warm blanket during the harsh season.

In order to fight against harsh, cold weather, you need to increase the food intake of your cat. Don’t just go over the board. However, a minimal increase in the food intake helps your cat to endure the cold season. It helps in gaining a bit of weight which eventually helps to fight the harsh weather.

Increase the playtime of your cat during the winter season. Winters make everyone lazy. The same is the case with animals. Therefore, a bit more activity time is required for both humans and animals. So, indulge in quality time with your cat, play different games, and make sure that your cat is active.

If you are taking your cat along with you on a car, make sure to heat your car and then bring your cat. If the car is cold, chances are your cat might not feel comfortable the whole journey!

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